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What to look for in a venue


Venue selection has a plethora of options to choose from. Every occasion is special, whether it’s your child’s first birthday, a birth announcement, a baby shower or an anniversary celebration, a bridal shower or a cocktail party, it all begins with choosing the right venue.

A city like Mumbai will always spoil you for choices. Be it a small get together at home, where you’d like to take utmost care of creating an ambience to suit the occasion, or an opulent venue, where you’d like to create beautiful memories for your loved ones and your guests, Mumbai will give you lots of options to choose from. It could be overwhelming, so here’s how we should start shortlisting our venue options.

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Depending on the occasion, three important things to remember are the weather, location of the venue and your guest list. Here’s why.


Unfortunately, we Mumbaikars don’t have defined seasons, and for most part of the year the humidity and heat act as spoilsports! But if we get lucky, the winter months are pleasantly cooler. So ensure that you choose your venue depending on the weather at that time of the year, and decide whether you would like to celebrate indoors or outdoors.

Location of the venue is also very important. Choose a venue, which is centrally located and convenient for both you and your guests. Also keep in mind the city traffic, as there’s no escaping it no matter what time of the day. You must also ensure that the venue is easy to find and has enough parking space or a valet service.

Knowing your guest list will also help you decide the space you require to celebrate the special day. This would bring down your choices to the ones that are most suitable.

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Budgeting your celebration is another key factor that needs to be considered while choosing a venue.


You can either decide on a budget first and then look for a venue or if you are in a mood to splurge, then choose the venue first and worry about the bills later!

Another must do is an online search (since Google has all the answers!) for new or upcoming venues in your city. This will create an element of surprise for your guests and your event could be a trendsetter for others to follow.

Food, food and more food! This is important for venue selection. Decide whether you want to keep it simple or have an eclectic layout, depending upon the occasion and your guest taste and preferences.

Let’s brainstorm a little more…

We’ve always been rigid about our time slots, mostly because all clubs and banquets are equipped for the regular timings of lunch, hi-tea and dinner. But hey! Let’s think out of the box, break the time barrier and celebrate a little longer. Why limit yourself to a 3-hour slot for a birthday party or even a Mehendi hi-tea? Choose a venue where you can extend your next celebration with a sunny brunch or a soothing sundowner, without having to worry about the time. Let’s create memories for a little longer…

A few more out of the box venue ideas…

The next birthday celebration could also be a fun day trip in the bus or your child’s favourite things could be brought together in your own building lawn or terrace! Even a refreshing pool party in your building clubhouse would make a great venue.

Your teenager at home might be wondering how to spend more time with his friends after a movie or dinner. Remember the slumber parties we used to have at home? You can create a night under the starry skies, where your lovelies can dream of what they want to be!

Anniversaries are meant to celebrate “togetherness”. Instead of choosing a venue in your city, take your besties to a close by resort or fly them to your favourite destination. Re-live old memories and create new ones!

Choosing a venue is only the beginning for creating a spectacular celebration! Now that we have given you a few pointers, keep your spirits high and start searching…