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Featuring food that hugs you back


What makes an event stand out? Is it the grandeur of the venue? The décor? Or is it the food? Back in the day remember how we used to have simple food at our birthday parties like chips, sandwiches, idlis and cake? Nowadays this has become takeaway food boxes for our help!

Food & beverage at events has become indispensable in today’s day thanks to social media, awareness and TV shows. Right from cuisine selection, cocktail bars to food presentation, people are always looking for new ideas to make the food stand out at their event.

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And why not? Who doesn’t love a delicious meal, which not only tastes good but is also a visual treat?


So whether it’s got to do with cooking, baking or martini shaking, here are a few funky food concepts and creative ideas we would like to share with you.

  • Tastologie – Starting off with a popular and unique concept, Tastologie is a collection of classic recipes with a twist. Take mac and cheese, burgers, desserts or any other classic dish, and present them differently as deconstructions of the original. Try this to give your guests a surprise element whilst enjoying the food.
  • Molecular Gastronomy - Another great food invention is molecular gastronomy. It’s a food science, which focuses on the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. It’s a true visual treat and brings a lot of drama to the food. So why not try something different for your next event? Maybe drinks in ice spheres? Or edible red lipstick for your next girls night out? Some colour changing cocktails? Or some glass chips or fries? If you really want to wow your guests don’t be afraid to explore this option. Delve into this food science and add some drama to your food!
  • Finger foods and tapas – Sassy. Convenient. Clean. This is a great option if you are having an elegant baby shower or bridal shower and don’t want it to be messy. A simple and favourable option for everyone!
  • ‘Junk’ food for health nuts - With everyone going vegan, gluten free and becoming health conscience, health bars are the way to go. From health treats to energy bars, there are lots of options to choose from. Give the health junkies also an option to choose from!
  • Dessert Bars - Simple birthday or anniversary cake ideas have gone out of the window. Now it’s gone from once upon a cake stand to dessert bars! You can literally get anything customised to suit your occasion and theme. So instead of just having a birthday cake (which honestly everybody still loves), add a dessert bar too!

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Apart from the above ideas on deciding on the menu of your event, food presentation is also equally important. Here are a few things you should keep in mind after deciding the menu.


Instead of having a regular buffet setup you could choose between having live counters and flying buffets according to the type of your event. Interactive sous chefs are also becoming increasingly popular, so keeping your guest list in mind you could decide on whether you want to have different cuisine sous chefs.

Pop up bars and food carts are another way to go if you are having a brunch or a sundowner, rather than having a regular buffet. This set up will allow your guests to mingle whilst they eat.
You could also have unique and personalised menus for each guest if you are having a grand sit down dinner party or themed food tags if you want a buffet setup. Another fun thing to do would be to dress up the staff in themed outfits in order to keep the flow of the theme going.

Incase you have decided not to have a party and want to take your friends out of town instead, of course none of the above pointers are relevant for you. Don’t worry we have a solution for that too! You could have personalised food travel kits and mini bar kits for the journey to make it more memorable.

Think outside the box and break the monotony of choosing regular menus offered by most bars and restaurants, and don’t be afraid to explore newer menu options to make the food stand out at your event and be the one to remember.

So now that we have given you a few ideas on deciding the food and beverage menu for your event, feel free to mix and match and put in your own ideas according to your guest preferences and occasion. Every event is different and being the host, you’ve go to do what it takes to bring the party to life!

Lets eat, drink and celebrate!